How do you stop the chewing?

Ever since my dog Russell got sick this summer, he is chewing like a puppy.

Except he isn’t a puppy. Russell, a Jack Russell terrier, is 10 years old Russell has always liked to chew open stuffed toys and free them of their stuffing, but he seems worse now than he ever has.

He’s chewing holes in the dog beds on the floor. He’s chewed on a sheet that we used to cover a chair to keep dog hair off of it. He grabbed a box of nails to chew on it. He’s confiscated hand tools like hammers to chew on them. I found him chewing on a piece of wood that had nails sticking out of them just millimeters from his mouth.

I don’t think this chewing necessarily has anything to do with the time he got sick and we feared he had cancer this summer, but that is the time it seems to have gotten worse. Could it be that he knew he was very sick and now that he’s recovered he wants to recapture his puppyhood?

Last night I put a muzzel on him to keep him from chewing on a dog bed. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a muzzle on him. He didn’t seem to mind it too much, but he quickly became subdued and I felt sorry for him. After a few minutes I took the muzzle off and he didn’t resume his chewing.

I guess I’ll have to threaten him with the muzzle from now on.


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Lori McGinnis Black is a Woods Bros. Realty realtor and a freelance writer. Look for her pet columns every other month in L Magazine in Lincoln, NE.
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2 Responses to How do you stop the chewing?

  1. Pippin Lowe says:

    I feel for you. I had a Jack Russell until his death this year at the age of 15. He just seemed to learn new stuff all the time. I was never able to stop any of his bad habits that he developed, but then I didn’t really try too hard. I have heard if you put an odor they don’t like, or a taste like cayenne pepper they will avoid it, but then my Nik liked to dig, not chew. I would put big rocks, as big as Nik in his holes, but he somehow was able to dig them up. I called him the genius dog, because he was. You can view my funny, tenacious puppy at: Geeze I miss that character. I hope the idea I said here will help you.

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