Our miracle dog

A few months ago our Dalmation Daisy was having a problem with vomiting. She would vomit sometimes daily. Sometimes several times a day. She had an ultrasound and the vet said her liver looked suspicious. She underwent surgery so a piece of her liver could be biopsied. She was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

The vet told us that this liver disease is incurrable. The only thing that could be done was to treat her with a good prescription diet and special vitamins. Though costly, we have been giving her the food and vitamins ever since.

This week Daisy had her liver enzymes checked again. The vet called with good news. Though a couple of the enzymes were still elevated, most had returned to normal. In other words, Daisy appears to have practically recovered. The vet says this was the first time she has seen this happen in her 18 years of practice. Her exact words were “it’s a miracle.”

We have had good luck with pet health scares in the last year. First our Jack Russell terrier Russell was thought to have cancer. Now he seems absolutely normal and shows no signs of cancer.

We don’t know what we’re doing right or if God is providing a miraculous healing, but we’re very thankful for three healthy 11-year-old dogs.


About lincolnpets

Lori McGinnis Black is a Woods Bros. Realty realtor and a freelance writer. Look for her pet columns every other month in L Magazine in Lincoln, NE.
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