Our Dalmation Daisy isn’t doing so well. Currently she is at the vet’s office on an IV giving her fluids. The vet is trying to flush out her system.

Daisy had been doing OK despite her diagnosis of cirhossis of the liver and liver failure. In the past few days however she not been eating well. She doesn’t want her dog food, even the homemade chicken and rice I made to entice her to eat. She does show interest in our people food. Last night I made her scrambled eggs and she ate that.

However hours after eating she has vomited up her food. Last night she vomited twice during the night.

I’m not sure how flushing out her system will help, but we will see. I’ll keep you posted.


About lincolnpets

Lori McGinnis Black is a Woods Bros. Realty realtor and a freelance writer. Look for her pet columns every other month in L Magazine in Lincoln, NE.
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