An unexpected loss

I stopped by my vet’s office to pick up some medicine for my dog today. There was a car parked right in front of the office, not in a parking space but in the driveway where cars pass by. You had to drive around the car to get through. I thought it odd someone would park this way.

I parked and went inside. As I was coming in the door a distraught woman was coming out and got in the car. I asked the receptionist why this woman parked in such a way. The receptionist said the woman brought in an unresponsive cat. She drove to the nearest vet clinic, pulled in front and without bothering to park in a stall, an inside with her cat.

The woman came back in after parking her car properly, tears in her eyes. I asked her what happened. She said she came home and found her cat having a seizure. The cat was named Oly. I didn’t get any more information from her because a clinic worker asked her to come into one of the rooms. The receptionist told me the woman’s cat was slumped over and appeared to be almost lifeless. The woman kept saying her cat was a healthy pet.

A worker went into the room with the woman, who asked if her cat had died. I couldn’t hear much but I did hear the worker say yes. I could hear the woman crying as I left.

I felt so bad driving home. I knew there was nothing I could do but I kept thinking about this poor woman and her cat. How horrifying it would be to leave your healthy cat at home and return a few hours later to find the cat near death, without any explanation.

It made me think that we can never take anything for granted, including the health of our pets. I came home and gave an extra hug to my dogs, knowing that such a thing could happen to any of us.


About lincolnpets

Lori McGinnis Black is a Woods Bros. Realty realtor and a freelance writer. Look for her pet columns every other month in L Magazine in Lincoln, NE.
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